Southpaw Central … Celebrate International Left Handed day!!


~~August 13. 2014~~


I’m revamping and rebloging this post from last year because it applies today.

I’m proud ro count myself with the “southpaws” or the left-handed people. In spite of my age, I was never forced to be anything else. Never was my left hand tied in the back and never was I forced to use the right hand for any activity.

I think that, because of this, I’m kinda ambidextrous.

Like all the “lefties”, I’m special.




What do Barack Obama, Paul McCartney, Bart Simpson, Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, Prince William and HuffPost UK’s editor-in-chief Stephen Hull all have in common?

(And please, include me there. I’m a leftie too.)

They’re all left-handed – just like 10% of the world’s population.


Today, August 13, 2014, is International Lefthanders Day – a day that celebrates the uniqueness and differences of lefties around the world.

This special occasion was first observed on the 13th of August, 1976. The purpose of this initiative was to promote awareness of the inconveniences facing left-handers in a predominantly right-handed world.

While it had been observed on August 13 of each year by many left-handers since 1976, Left-handers Day was declared by the Left-Hander’s Day Club on August 13, 1996.

Left-handers Day is now celebrated world-wide. Reportedly, in the United Kingdom alone, there have been over 20 events that mark this celebration. These events include celebrating a left-hander’s creativity, adaptability and athleticism.



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For thousands of years, being left-handed was associated with being ‘touched by the devil,’ but in the above video Tara Long tells us some interesting facts about being left-handed.

Studies have shown that lefties are more likely to earn more, be more successful at sports and be more creative in general.

In reality, being left-handed is pretty awesome.





“In Reel Life: Rocky is a lefty. He tells Adrian that he’s a southpaw, and explains the term’s etymology to her: ‘You know where southpaw comes from? I’ll tell ya.

A long time ago there was this guy, maybe a couple a hundred years ago, he was fighting around, I think it was around Philadelphia, and his arm — he was left-handed — and his arm was facing toward New Jersey, you see? And that’s south. So then naturally they call him south paw. You see? South paw, south Jersey, South Camden, south paw. You know what I mean?”

It is a term used in many sports for left handers. Another theory, which has attracted little following, is that an unnamed lefthander from Southpaw, Illinois once tried out for the Cubs and this inspired the Chicago writers to start calling all left-handers southpaws. However, no maps of Illinois reveal a town by that name.


~~Happy Left Handed Day~~

~~Published on Aug 12, 2014~~

Today we celebrate the southpaws among us. Congrats! You’re left-handed!

Watch this video for a few reasons why it’s not so bad to be a lefty.


We ALL are ONE!! 


But only a few are LEFTIES!! 


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