To start the day …. “Just keep swimming”!!


~~August 24, 2014~~ 

Just when you least expect it, life throws you a “curved ball”. 

You think you have it all under control. You know you have paid your dues. You have worked and worked and followed the rules. It’s your time to get the golden ring on the merry-go-round. It’s time to relax and reap the fruits of your efforts. It’s been a hard journey. There have been many obstacles on the way but you have surmounted them.

It’s your time and you are ready for it. It’s time to relax.

But wait … here comes the “curved ball”!! 

What can you do? Get ready for another battle and do the best that you can. We can’t go against the current. Might as well follow it … and just keep swimming! 


~9 Times You Should Follow Dory’s Advice And ‘Just Keep Swimming’~

Life can be tough. Between juggling work and friends and a newsfeed where everyone else always seems to be one step ahead, it’s easy to get down. Although, sometimes all we need is a little reminder to “just keep swimming.”


When rush hour traffic threatens your will to live.

When it seems like every female on your newsfeed is engaged.

When you feel like you just don’t fit in.

When you have to spend time with someone you’re not particularly fond of.

When you’re pretending not be hungover after the office holiday party.

When you get a ton of work to do, just as you were about to head home for the day.

When there is so much boasting on Facebook it might as well be an awards ceremony.

When you are so tired, that you consider literally hiding from your boss.

Or when you’re intimidated by a lot of things all at once.

Because when life gets you down, that’s what you’ve got to do.


These examples are simplistic and may seen unimportant. Many a’times the curved balls are serious. Something that can help is being positive and having a sense of humor.

This may make the situation tolerable and a bit easier to handle. 


I recommend that you check the full article. Each example above has a gif picture attached. Quite entertaining. Enjoy!



~~Just Keep Swimming with Dory from Finding Nemo~~

~~Uploaded on Jan 16, 2012~~

Life should always be looked at through the eyes of Dory from Finding Nemo


We ALL are ONE!! 


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