The power of the mind …. be its master!!


~~August 27, 2014~~ 

As it appears in ….


~~Seven Ways to Know When Your Mind is Trying to Control Your Life~~

By: Lisa Esile

When you ignore your natural inclination.

When you want to say “no” but you end up saying “yes.”

When you constantly text or check your phone or email, or Facebook status.

When you think, “It’s all very well for them.”

When you think repetitive, worrying thoughts.

When you try and control someone else.

When you feel inadequate for being “too negative.”


Accepting how you are, no matter how you are, is the most loving and genuinely positive thing you can do.

It’s your mind’s nature to seek control. It’s neither a good or bad thing, it just is. Sometimes you’ll succumb, other times you won’t. And it’s all perfectly okay.

(To read details on the points listed above, click on the provided link. Will find them all there).



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~~Deep Space Meditation~~

~A Relaxing Video~

New Age Enlightenment

~Uploaded on Aug 6, 2008~

Deep Space Meditation is a relaxing video featuring New Age Music

Snail - Meditation Master

We ALL are ONE!! 


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