New cast members for “Orange is the New Black”??


~~September 5, 2014~~

From a dear blogger friend ….. @

I’m totally quoting her. I hope she doesn’t mind. 

“What causes these talented, intelligent, and well educated men to make such glaringly poor choices? I think it is a feeling of impunity or entitlement and no fear of accountability because of a position of power. There are other universal acts committed with impunity for another post.

All these men are connected in their thoughts of superiority above the law, thinking they could escape the results of breaking moral, fiscal, and natural law. They didn’t. I believe there is a universal hope, longing, and even expectation in the midst of this fallen world.”

~~Meme credit~~


~~Meme credit~~



~~Orange Is The New Black Intro/Theme Song~~

~~Published on Jul 24, 2013~~

Theme song/intro to the new netflix show, Orange is the new black.


We ALL are ONE!! 


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