Michael McNamara …. plays Street Piano “Foxgang Amadeus”!!


~~September 16, 2014~~ 

Michael McNamara stole the hearts of people around the world when a video of his street performance of Hedley’s Perfect quickly went viral.

Here are several videos, taken in Cobourg, Ontario, an older gentleman by the name of Michael Anthony McNamara sits down at a street piano. He performs one of the best covers of the song “Perfect” by Hedley.






The piano located at the northwest corner of Victoria Park in Cobourg, Ontario is called “Foxgang Amadeus“.


~~Talented man on street piano, Michael McNamara~~


~~Published on Aug 22, 2014~~

Hermes Trimegistro

Found this talented man on the street of Cobourg. He was playing by himself and what surprised me no one really was watching him, how can people just not acknowledge his playing and talent!, I couldn’t believe how amazing he was. This is the original video that quickly started going viral.

Now we know his name “Michael McNamara“. You are famous now!, you truly deserve it. I hope to see you perform in a big stage.


~~Michael McNamara on a street piano, Cobourg,Ontario~~

~~Candle in the Wind~~

~~Published on Sep 11, 2014~~

Found this talented man on the street of Cobourg playing Elton John song Candle In The Wind. His name is Michael McNamara. Just Amazing!!!

~~Michael McNamara plays my Street Piano “Foxgang Amadeus”~~

~Say Something~

~~Published on Aug 29, 2014~~

I came across Michael McNamara performing on my #streetpiano, Foxgang Amadeus.
Apologies for the shaky video, I didn’t have time to use a tripod or set up my camera. I designed/painted it for the streets of #Cobourg, #Ontario for the “Keys to our Town” art initiative. The piano is located at the northwest corner of Victoria Park. Sorab Bulsara carved the ears and stool for me from an old tree stump, using only a chainsaw. http://www.katrionadean.com

Contact: info@katrionadean.com for any request


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We ALL are ONE!! 


11 thoughts on “Michael McNamara …. plays Street Piano “Foxgang Amadeus”!!

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  2. Hi Dr. Rex, thanks so much for featuring Michael McNamara on your blog! I am a member of Michael’s new management team. We have Michael in the recording studio and the results are…well…stunning…explosive. We are sending Michael the link to your blog. One of his fans has started a fanpage here:https://www.facebook.com/MichaelMcNamarasinger

    Michael’s video’s are approaching the 2,000,000 views mark on Youtube, and it is people like you who have brought this beautifully spirited talent to the attention of the world.
    Thanks Dr. Rex,

    Paul Marshall


    • Hi there!!! Wow … this is a wonderfully awesome surprise!! Thanks to much for stopping by and leaving such a wonderful comment.

      I think I found the link to his page. A wonderful talent indeed.

      Please, if there’s anything else I can do for Michael, his team or you, don’t hesitate to let me know. It’s my honor … his talent in incredible!! Peace ….


      • I can’t thank you enough for the lovely comments Dr. Rex. The response has been overwhelmingly kind. Take care.


      • I’m so very glad that you feel this way. Your talent is incredible! I wish you total success. You’re starting along your way ….. be well and enjoy the ride!!


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