At the end of the day …. Matthew and Ellen!!

~~September 24, 2014~~ 

It’s always good to end the day with a bit of humor. Who better to do this with than Ellen DeGeneres?

It’s so easy for her to make something “serious” into something unforgettable, funny and so easy to remember. 

~Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Commercial~

Ellen DeGeneres is taking backseat driving to a new level. During her show on Monday, Sept. 22, 2014, the comedienne unveiled a spoof of one of Matthew McConaughey’s new car commercials for Lincoln, in which she sits in the backseat of his new MKC and offers humorous commentary on his epic stare-down with a bull in the middle of the road.

The original ad, directed by Drive filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn, shows the Oscar-winning actor channeling his True Detective character, Rust Cohle, as he has a conversation with himself about the bull, whom he calls Ol’ Cyrus and describes as “1,800 pounds of ‘do whatever the heck I want.'” In the end, he decides to “respect” Ol’ Cyrus’ space and “take the long way.”

There’s a car, Ellen eating pot brownies and a seriously large bull. 

“As it appears in …. “

~~Lincoln Commercial~~

~~Published on Sep 22, 2014~~

You may have seen the star’s new car commercial, but you might not have realized who originally starred in it with him.


~Original version~

~~Matthew McConaughey and the MKC: “Bull” Official Commercial~~

~~Published on Sep 4, 2014~~

We’re introducing the first-ever Lincoln MKC with Matthew McConaughey. Sometimes it’s better to take the long way.




We ALL are ONE!! 

6 thoughts on “At the end of the day …. Matthew and Ellen!!

  1. I’ve seen this 2 times and each time I’m transfixed by the way he’s talking. I also love the perfume commercial Brad Pitt did wow. I can’t think of the name because of course all I can remember was him. I think it was for Chanel. Who knows either way….I have to share what my daughter calls Matthew, Matthew McCaua-hottie. She’s a nut! This caught my attention for sure. There’s a comedian that talks about working with him on magic Mike and he said you always hope that he will be the same in person and when he met him [Gabrielle is his name he’s on comedy central] MC sat down beside him and he introduced himself and MC said All right! I love this post! Have a wonderful day! 😀


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