Nosey needs help …. who is she??

~September 23, 2014~~ 

Nosey the Tortured Elephant Still Forced to Give Rides and Perform

An elephant named Nosey has been abused and neglected for years by Hugo “Tommy” Liebel, who is so heartless he may just be impersonating a human being.

Nosey is in her 30’s and has been tortured for a long time. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) even filed a formal complaint against her owner. Liebel faces close to three dozen charges of violating the Animal Welfare Act, most of which are about the luckless Nosey.


Activists made a big difference just by spreading information that Liebel would prefer to keep quiet. Liebel is trying to keep things so quiet that he renamed Nosey to help cover up his history of cruelty. He now calls her Tiny. Meanwhile, the internet strikes back: Nosey has her own Facebook page with information about upcoming performances and how to protest the companies that pay Liebel to exploit her.

In Defense of Animals (IDA) has launched a fresh campaign to persuade the USDA to get serious and retire Nosey to a sanctuary where Liebel can’t touch her. IDA reports that an eyewitness heard Liebel say he had no intention of changing his ways to comply with the Animal Welfare Act and the USDA’s order. The organization says that Nosey has spent hours locked in a trailer in over-90-degree heat, and that she never has the opportunity to walk unless a customer is riding her — otherwise she is locked up.


~~August 14, 2014~~

UPDATE: Even though it seems clear that an elephant named Nosey is in pain and struggling to walk, circus owner Hugo Liebel continues to haul her around the country and force her to give rides. The latest video evidence shows that she has been consistently lame with limited mobility for weeks. A veterinarian who reviewed recorded footage and observed Nosey in person confirmed that she is undoubtedly suffering from ongoing pain.

This is not an elephant who should be performing tricks in a circus; she should be on bed rest with a strict regimen of pampering and medical care.

 “Nosey undoubtedly suffers from advanced arthritis and degenerative joint disease, resulting in ongoing pain, and most likely permanently impaired limb function.”

—Philip K. Ensley, D.V.M., Dipl.  ACZM

“As it appears in …. “


~~Nosey the Elephant Needs You Now~~

~~Published on Sep 23, 2014~~

Nosey, an elephant who is used for rides and forced to perform tricks by notorious animal exhibitor Hugo Liebel, has been hobbling around in pain week after week. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has failed to take Nosey off the road, even after hearing from a board-certified veterinarian and elephant expert who observed her and concluded that she “undoubtedly suffers from advanced arthritis and degenerative joint disease, resulting in ongoing pain, and most likely permanently impaired limb function.”

Nosey needs you now. The USDA has agreed to meet with PETA representatives on September 29, and we’re depending on you to make it clear to the agency prior to our meeting that the public demands that it revoke Liebel’s license and confiscate Nosey:…

Dr. Philip Ensley told the FWC:

“This is the worst, most prolonged, documented example of an uncorrected case of suffering and abuse in an elephant I have ever reviewed.”



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