I was just talking about this last night ….

~~September 29, 2014~~ 

I wasn’t brought up knowing the history about the origin and causes leading to the current the situation which this corner of the world is going through. 

It’s like walking into a conversation when you missed the beginning. 

Maybe this is a simplistic view and many other factors are missing but I found this illumination. 

I have my own opinion about who is in the wrong here …

but that’s for the individual to determine. 



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~~Why Are Israel and Palestine Fighting~~

~~Published on Jul 15, 2014~~

Israel and Palestine have been wrapped up in a century long battle for territory, but are currently at the brink of all out war. How did this conflict begin?

Let’s jump back a few decades to see what really started all this fighting.


We ALL are ONE!!


6 thoughts on “I was just talking about this last night ….

  1. None of the page links work, Horty. It could be me and my kindle but they’re all saying ‘page not found’. I was going to brush up on my history of this. I read Exodus (Leon Uris) a long time ago and was fascinated with the history of the people and place.


  2. This is a good post for anyone who wants to get a bird’s eye view of the conflict between the two countries. It has always struck me as crazy that the USA made that land determination in 1947—who the hell is our government to tell two nations what land is theirs? After reading your writing and viewing the videos, I see this has been going on for a century! First, Britain and the Ottomans, then us…WHY WHY WHY. Why is Mother Earth not big enough for all of us? Why do we have to wave the flag of nationalism…Flags no longer mean for me what they did as a child. Flags today mean power and control and that the war machine is not far behind! History is just that: HIS story——women are left out of books for the most part—-MEN control the world for power and greed. It is a sad world. Women have to rise up and be the gentleness needed in our world. And always, as it is with war, the little children suffer and the people who have no voice in their destination are killed so the rich and powerful can be in control. It is tragic.


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