To start the day …. Choose your company well!!

~~September 29, 2014~~ 

Stress is a major problem that many of us (If not all) have in our daily lives. There are many factors leading to stress: family, relatives, friends, work, finances … I’m sure you could add plenty more. 

We are not able to control many of the factors which could be the source of our stress but we sure can chose the company we keep.

One of our goals in life should be to grow in a positive fashion, become a better person and develop all the talents and potential to the max. 

We need support, we need encouragement, we need companionship, we need understanding …. and we know where to get that. 

So, we search ….. to find those who bring the best in you … not the stress in you!! 



Omar Akram

~~Published on Oct 26, 2013~~

Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 11, hudba: Omar Akram,video: becixmat


We ALL are ONE!! 


6 thoughts on “To start the day …. Choose your company well!!

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