MEDICAL CORNER …. Beware of corn!!


~~October 4, 2014~~ 

Do you know what’s in your corn?

The FDA maintains that GMOs are “substantially equivalent” to real food. What do you think?

(NOTE: The Environmental Working Group tested produce for pesticide residue and found that sweet corn was among the 15 cleanest fruits & veggies. But GMO Bt toxin corn produces insecticide continually in every cell of the plant. There’s absolutely no washing that off. To be absolutely certain you are not eating pesticides, it’s best to buy organic).

Learn more:

Learn why the FDA’s policy on GMOs is fraudulent & illegal:

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~~Monsanto Lied, GMO Corn Filled with Toxins~~

~~Published on Jun 14, 2012~~

David Pakman Show

Monsanto’s genetically modified corn contains toxins, and will soon be sold at Walmart.


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We ALL are ONE!!


7 thoughts on “MEDICAL CORNER …. Beware of corn!!

  1. Yeah i used to love corn 🙂 still do, but the gmo stuff makes me sick now 😦 like soy milk etc etc datz supposed to be better for u than regular! lol.. now makes me sick also , used to love it, seems, monsanto wants the whole werld to get sick huh! 😦 ahhhh but the cure! .. we shall see if an who an what dat is if’n there is any cure for the werlds insanity and greed! bad as the water they try to feed the werld also! ? is sumtimes WHO is WHO? lol ……….. so. agreed…. GMO FOOD! SUCKZ!……… over an our frum da Q 🙂


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