Nigeria’s Boko Haram abducts more women and girls …. STOP!!

~~October 24, 2014~~

I have been following this story since the initial event in April. It’s incredible that in this time and age, events such as these continue unabated, the perpetrators are free to abduct more women and the world is intent in other “campaigns” that are more profitable. 

Lives don’t matter … oil, religion, fanaticism, power, money do!

This is a story that should stay in the forefront of the news. These girls have been gone today for 193 days. Now more have been abducted.

Where does it stop?


~~From The BBC News Africa~~

“Dozens of women and girls from two villages in Nigeria‘s north-eastern Adamawa state have been abducted by suspected militants, residents say.

The abductions have not been confirmed by the authorities, but residents say they took place a day after the military announced it had agreed a ceasefire with the Boko Haram group.

The government hopes the Islamist group will free more than 200 girls seized in April as part of negotiations.

Boko Haram has not confirmed the truce.”


I’m going to use graphics and a video from a post prepared/presented by a blogger/dear friend: Mr. Militant Negro. You can go to his complete post by clicking on the link below. 




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~~Published on May 5, 2014~~

The leader of an Islamic extremist group in Nigeria says his group has started kidnapping women and children as part of its bloody guerrilla campaign against the country’s government, according to a video released Monday. Scores of girls and young women kidnapped from a school in Nigeria are being forced to marry their Islamic extremist abductors, a civic organization reported Wednesday.


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We ALL are ONE!! 


5 thoughts on “Nigeria’s Boko Haram abducts more women and girls …. STOP!!

    • Me too. This has been my constant concern. If they do come back, they will have a long journey ahead of them. Can’t even begin to imagine …. and now more?
      I can’t believe this is continuing w/o effective intervention! Thx for stopping by!!


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