Ebola Infected US Military To Be Quarantined In Puerto Rico?

~~October 24, 2014~~ 

This has me terribly concerned. I saw this come through the social media feeds this morning.

~Secret Island Ebola Death Camps~

The main island of Puerto Rico is the smallest and most eastern of the Greater Antilles. With an area of 3,515 square miles (9,104 km2), it is the third largest island in the United States and the 82nd largest island in the world.

This hits right home for several reasons. I lived in Puerto Rico for most of my life. I was born and raised there. I had a long professional career as a physician with the Veterans Administration which I began in 1985 and retired from in 2013. The connection with the San Juan VA Hospital is “parent hospital/facility for tertiary care” of the veterans in the Island. To this day, this is the only hospital available for the veterans in Puerto Rico. There are other medical facilities around the Island: Out Patient Clinics and Community Based Out Patient Clinics.

San Juan is the capital city of Puerto Rico.

I was born in the San Juan area. 


Keep in mind .. these are breaking news. 

Will need to keep an eye on this and see where it goes. 

I have a sinking feeling in my heart. I don’t have cold facts or evidence. Once again, the USA is set to “use” Puerto Rico for its convenience. As a “commonwealth” of the USA, Puerto Rico “abides” by the rules set by the American government.

Once again, the government of the USA is setting to use and abuse the island of Puerto Rico. 


~~By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine~~

According to potrblog in the video below, the “Veterans Administration hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico is expecting the near term arrival of a number of Ebola patients and is creating an entire Ebola Ward to handle the infected patient inflow,” and he states that it is unclear if this is the planned location being set up to quarantine US military members coming back from west Africa after becoming infected with the deadly Ebola virus.

The hospital is fearful that the Airborne spread of Ebola out of their quarantine ward will “create a situation where an outbreak of Ebola may happen to patient, guest or employees”.

The Veterans Administration has categorized this as an emergency situation, and has awarded a no-bid emergency contract to install HEPA air filters in the Ward’s return air HVAC ducting.


More in the first video below about the air filters and the HVAC contract, and the second video below is the one where the original shock claim is made about US troops already being in quarantine after returning from Africa, some infected with Ebola.

“As it appears in … ” 



~Airborne Ebola Fear Sparks Emergency VA Hospital HVAC Contract~

~Published on Oct 23, 2014~

Emergency, prompt attention, Ebola outbreak, affecting patients, guests, employees

Defacto “leper” colony for US servicemen, South bed Tower

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We ALL are ONE!! 


6 thoughts on “Ebola Infected US Military To Be Quarantined In Puerto Rico?

  1. Why can’t Americans understand that Ebola is NOT an airborne spread disease?

    All references to it being airborne come entirely from bloggers and website who wish to spread panic and who have a particular political agenda (whatever that is). Every medical expert I have heard or read all agree that the conditions under which the nasty disease is spread and being airborne is not one them. It also very easy to defeat. Ebola thrives in conditions of over crowded living conditions, bad sanitation, dirty or no water, and a broken medical infrastructure – which is the situation in West Africa.

    Three people in the USA had Ebola, one died the others recovered, and the whole country is on the verge of going into lock-down. 42,000 Americans die of gun violence every year and those who speak out about it are told that it’s in the constitution.

    Today I watched a video from “Infowars” where a doctors says that there are hundreds of cases of Ebola and that the patients are all secreted out the back doors of hospitals and are being taken away and “disappeared” All under direct orders from Obama’s Whitehouse. And where are all these Ebola victims coming from? South of the American boarder. So all these West Africans that live on a dollar or less, are catching planes flights to South America. Suffering from the early onset of the disease they are then walking hundreds of miles across the boarder to infect American cities.

    So I googled this and there were hundreds of blogs and so called “news” web sites who repeated the story without question. Yet not one reputable newspaper or TV news station were amongst them. I know a fair bit about the news business and it is inconceivable that not one of them would seize the chance to get the scoop of the century.

    The people who disseminate this crap don’t do it out of love of their fellow man – but out of hate.

    It behoves people like us with a modecom of intelligence to resist this nonesense. It’s time to get a grip.

    Please excuse the rant on your very fine blog site.

    Liked by 1 person

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