IOTD …. “Image of the Day”, #58!!

~~October 29, 2014~~ 

Catch the joyful face … It can’t get any better!! 

Nutella is the brand name of a sweetened hazelnut chocolate spread. Manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero. It was introduced to the market in 1964.

The main ingredients of Nutella are sugar and palm oil, followed by hazelnut, cocoa solids, and skimmed milk. In the United States, Nutella contains soy products. Nutella is marketed as “hazelnut cream” in many countries.

“As it appears in …. “


A dear blogger friend taught me about this concept.

You can find Michelle here:

In her own words:

IOTD” is image of the day, a concept I came up with. I teach visual meditative therapy – or in easy terms – a mini mental holiday. For some people it is very difficult for them to get their image right. I post an image a day for people to use in their mini mental vacay. Some are serious, some are silly, and some are just beautiful!”


#IOTD #ImageofTheDay #MiniMentalHoliday #UnbridledJoy #NutellaFerraro #SweetenedHazelnutChocolateSpread #HazelnutCream #InHeaven #PricelessExpression #KidsJoy

#DearBloggerFriend #SeriousSillyJustBeautiful

#WeAllAreOne #ItIsWhatItIs #DrRex #hrexachwordpress


We ALL are ONE!! 


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