My wish for Florida …. this is where I live!!

~~October 31, 2014~~

I am not politically active. I have my own ideas and beliefs. I live in Florida. I must say that I’ve through both candidates …. I don’t think highly of either but there are times when one must chose the lesser evil.


Via: Armed Democrats Via: @ A thousand words graphic arts.-

Me too! How about you?

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We ALL are ONE!!


12 thoughts on “My wish for Florida …. this is where I live!!

  1. I got tired of choosing between 2 candidates and selecting the lesser evil. That’s why I got involved after Kerry’s loss in 2004. Now I vote for a candidate of my choosing, not someone else’s.


  2. I will hold my decision for 2016 for when the time is right. I haven’t heard or read enough yet. Horty, I agree with you on Scott-free. Of course, Crist has been a flip-flopper in several ways; however, he doesn’t smirk and show disdain like Scott does and has done. Let’s put it another way: I believe, under Scott’s “leadership,” we Floridians have lost more than we did during Crist’s reign. Of the two, I believe Crist will be the better choice. Whatever.


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