At the end of the day …. GOBI~Klangwelt!!

~~November 7, 2014~~ 

The Culture of Mongolia has been heavily influenced by the Mongol nomadic way of life. Other important influences are from Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism, and from China. Since the 20th century, Russian and, via Russia, European culture have had a strong effect on Mongolia.

~~Traditional values~~

Among the topics that are mentioned from the oldest works of Mongolian literature to modern soft pop songs are love for parents and homesickness, a longing for the place where one grew up. Horses have always played an important role in daily life as well as in the arts. Mongols have a lot of epic heroes from the ancient time. Hospitality is so important in the steppes that it is traditionally taken for granted.

The Mongolian word for hero, baatar, appears frequently in personal names, and even in the name of Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar (Mongolian: Улаанбаатар, Ulan Bator).

“As it appears in …. “



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~~GOBI ~ Klangwelt~~

Earth Watching Music Lover

Uploaded on Jan 6, 2012

Klangwelt “Gobi” from his Weltweit CD
Label: Spheric Music — SMCD 6100
Country: Germany, released in 2002
Style: Electronic, Ambient
Thanks to Oliver (youtube/MrBorrany) for turning me onto Gobi.

See his beautiful version of Gobi here:…

Listen to Klangwelt music here:
More Klangwelt albums:…


Klangwelt (“sound-world” or “world of sound”) is the musical project of Gerald Arend, a German audio-designer from Norderstedt (near Hamburg) who’s working for the multimedia and computer games industry.

Born in 1966, he already made his first contact with electronic music in the late 70’s with Jean-Michel Jarre’s famous “Oxygene” album. More records with synthesizer music followed, made by artists like Tangerine Dream, Michael Rother, Vangelis, Kitaro and Klaus Schulze.

The more he listened to these fascinating sounds, the more he was convinced that this was the kind of music he would like to play himself.

Read more here:


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We ALL are ONE!!


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