Fort Lauderdale …. This destination is broken!

~~November 8, 2014~~


Had to be Flori-duh

A 90-year-old Fort Lauderdale man faces 60 days in jail for feeding the homeless. Meanwhile, Phoenix, Arizona has taken the opposite approach: they are the first city to end veteran homelessness by giving them housing. Share if you agree no one should be forced to live in the streets in a nation with 6 vacant homes for every homeless person.



This spring break destination is broken!

Call Mayor Seiler at 954-828-5003
WATCH OverCriminalized:
Set up a screening in your community to fight back against #HomelessHateLaws



A 90 year old man and 2 pastors were arrested for feeding hungry people.
Join us and fight for a better world. our page: Brave New Films: Justice

We ALL are ONE!!


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5 thoughts on “Fort Lauderdale …. This destination is broken!

  1. I had read about the arrest of that man who was feeding the homeless in Ft. Lauderdale. Surely, the police should have handled it in a more civilized way? Sometimes, the letter of the law bumps up against the spirit of the law. Life (and sometimes, laws) is not (or should not be) starkly black and white.

    On the other hand, I had no idea that Phoenix had done that wonderful thing for the homeless veterans. Kudos for the city. Speaking of starkness.


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