The “SMART Ride” …. Miami to Key West this weekend!!

~~November 13, 2014~~ 

History of The SMART Ride

Like many things that change us and the world in some way, it starts with a dream, a vision, and an idea. The SMART Ride (Southern Most AIDS/HIV Ride) is no different. It was born out of a dream to make a real and significant difference in the lives of those infected, affected and at risk for HIV/AIDS.

In 2002, the idea was a welcome change to this kind of fundraising, but met much skepticism about the reality of meeting these goals of 100%. The ride became a reality one year later in November of 2003 with less than 100 riders and about 100 crew, miraculously we raised $169,000 and returned it all to AIDS Service Organizations.

A decade later over $5.3 Million has been distributed throughout Florida making SMART Ride the 2nd largest AIDS bicycle ride in the country and the only one of it’s size to give back 100%.


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Our participants come from across the State of Florida from as far south as Key West, as far North as Jacksonville, from Tampa to Palm Beach. Nationally from as far as Hawaii to as close as our neighboring state of Georgia, not to mention Internationally. We attract between 400-500 participants with each event, but we touch thousands more on the road as we travel between cities and towns, and with each donation that is made. Last year, close to 10,000 people donated to our efforts – that’s quite an impact!

Riders and crew range in age from 18 to 73.

~They are involved because~

Some are Positive
Some have lost someone to HIV/AIDS
Some know someone living with HIV/AIDS
Everybody believes it is the right thing to do





The “Miracle of Loveteam, leaves this morning for Miami. We have trained hard, and many months for this day. We will be on the road tomorrow morning, by 6:30 AM and ride 104 miles, to Duck Key. Saturday, we ride 64 miles to Key West. Thank you, to my friends and family, for your prayers, love, and donations.

My friends are there now!! 

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What makes SMART Ride unique?

The ride is fully supported and designed to allow riders of all degrees of experience to participate. This is a ride not a race. Each participant pays an $95 registration fee and riders commit to raise a minimum of $1,250 in donations. Although that amount to fund raise may seem daunting, we are continually amazed by what we see participants accomplish. The average rider raises over $2,020.


My friends Jean Walburn, Maria Tilita Daugherty and Jenniffer Lugo



The Miracle of Love SMART Ride riders and crew just pulled out for Miami! Best of luck, may the wind be at your back .. .and know I am with you all in spirit. Your dedication, hard work, training, fundraising, and time culminate in one of the most exciting experiences! Thank you for all you’ve done and will do this weekend!


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~~Smart Ride Promo~~

Cycling Miami to Key West Florida

~~Uploaded on May 22, 2011~~


We ALL are ONE!! 


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