Keystone Pipeline passed in Congress …. #NOKXL!!

~~November 15, 2014~~ 

BREAKING: The House of Representatives just approved the Keystone XL pipeline, which scientists warn will mean “game over” for the planet. If Keystone is built, it is expected to make the Koch brothers $100 billion in profits, making them the wealthiest family in human history. Share to spread their shame!





From a friend

My Concerns are
Many think this OIL is for us. Wrong …. 98% is for export ONLY. While using the middle of our finest land. Many land owners and farmers will HAVE no choice on this and THEY have to do the major clean up if a spill. It clearly states that in the agreement.

So while this OIL is NOT for us? I ask you why we would even consider it? We are messing up our waters, so now we want to possibly destroyed our heartland?
Do home owners and land owners have NO rights?

I am pretty upset about this. I hope president Obama vetos this. Can he?


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We ALL are connected through the ENVIRONMENT!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 


8 thoughts on “Keystone Pipeline passed in Congress …. #NOKXL!!

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