LOOK UP …. Something to think about …. not only for the weekend!!

~~November 16, 2014~~

I Went 16 Months Without A Cell Phone And My Life Was So Much Better

By: Tom Grotewohl in Culture

“I’ve spent the last year and a half without a cell phone.

You’re probably reacting to that line as if it read, “I’ve spent the last year and a half without breathing air.” Cell phones have become such a crucial part of our daily lives that most folks rely on them more than the majority of organs in their bodies.

In fact, you can get your spleen removed and continue living a normal existence, but the same cannot be said of a cell phone.

Without it, you cannot expect to have a job, a consistent network of friends or a GPS guiding you to your destination, not to mention porn on-the-go.”



Being in two places at once means you aren’t anywhere

Instant communication has transformed us all into paranoid, over-protective moms

Eye contact is the 21st century dodo

We’ve mistaken being alone for loneliness


“As it appears in … read for full information”



~~Look Up~~

~~Published on Apr 25, 2014~~

‘Look Up’ – A spoken word film for an online generation. Gary Turk.


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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