At the end of the day …. finally met Priscilla and Bubba Jean!!


~~November 16, 2014~~ 

What is a Marmoset?

Marmosets are a member of the primate family and are one of the smallest monkeys. These monkeys are semi messy animals and can be somewhat trained to defecate in a given area. Their urine has a strong odor, and some people will use special monkey diapers. They scent their areas by rubbing their perineums over everything: toys, food dishes, bedding, stuffed animals, furniture, rugs and caging.
They are intelligent and need stimulation. Interaction can be supplemented with toys, but if a marmoset is kept as a pet by themselves, it will rely on the human family to become its family group.


Bubba Jean (to the right) … Just ate my first pumpkin cheese cake thanks to Horty Rexach.

As some of you may know, I have a very dear friend from Wales who raises these for companionship and pets. She was always talking about her monkeys; mentioned that she would bring one to my house and never did. I thought she was leading me on. But it wasn’t the case. I got to meet the Welshie’s monkeys and she told me they were marmoset monkeys.

(From a post written on May 1, 2014)


Since that time in May, Betty the female monkey delivered 4 baby monkeys. One of them was too small and didn’t make it. The three that were left are well and thriving. Today I finally met them. They are still to small and can’t come out because their immune system isn’t totally developed.

They were taken away from the mommy after 2 weeks. At this time the mommy doesn’t want to take care of them so the task falls to the owner/caregiver. At this time, the newborns have to be fed every two hours using a syringe filled with special monkey milk.

By today, the babies are still fed every 4 hours … quite the task!

The decision to name them to a bit of time. Of the three that were left, one had to be given to a person who knows how to care for them in the hope that Betty will be able to care for the two who were left with her.


Ginger went with Taylor. She has been thriving and Taylor now is the official owner. The other two that were left behind got boys names until my friend found out they were girls.

They are called Priscilla and Bubba Jean. 

Priscilla is special. She has white in her fur color. Bubba Jean is darker and doesn’t have the white markings.

I had only seen pictures of them on Facebook. I had no idea what they would look like in “person”. They are smaller than I expected. Their weight it measured in grams!


When I walked in, my friend had them set, ready to eat, on the kitchen counter. They were laying in a stuffed monkey toy, holding on for dear like. They were shy and quite, as younguns’ usually are. They stayed with my friend …. eventually, they started coming out of their shell.

Nature is awesome. These little creatures are perfect! Their anatomy is precise, tiny but perfect. The faces, the little noses, the hands with small claws. Their tongues and little teeth are almost human. They try to bite, start with a nibble but do show quite the strength when they bite hard. Impressive!

The feature that most attracted me where their eyes. Dark, very deep and extremely expressive. I have no doubt …. there is a soul, intelligence in there. They look like tiny humans. Both have different yet pleasant personalities. They are a sight to see and a wonder of nature.


We were eating some appetizers. When it came time for sweets, Bubba Jean was there willing to try pumpkin pie with whipped cream. She liked it off my pinky finger and loved it.

With time, they came closer to me. They started leaving their comfort zone and came over to me. One of them started climbing on my arm …. and the rest is history.

I strongly believe that they ended on top of my head because they thought I was their mommy. The mommy has dark brown hair.

While laying atop of me, each one had their timely meals without giving my friend any trouble. Once they were fed, the stayed there ….. until I came back home.

I would say a two good hours! …. and I enjoyed it terribly.




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We ALL are through NATURE!! 

Meet Priscilla

Meet Priscilla

Meet Bubba Jean

Meet Bubba Jean

We ALL are ONE!! 


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