To start the day …. “Greensleeves”!!

~~November 19, 2014~~ 

A timeless, forever song … one of my favorites. 

The spirit of a new day. The bliss of a sunrise. The joy of a new day. The beauty of nature. Serenity, peace, fulfillment and connection to Source.


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Giovanni Marradi (Born Alexandria, 1955) is a composer, pianist and arranger. He is the son of Italian trumpeter and conductor Alfredo Marradi; his great-grandfather, also named Giovanni Marradi, was a poet and composer.

Giovanni began playing piano at age five, and three years later was sent to study composition and technique with Michael Cheskinov at the Russian Conservatory. He formed his own label, NewCastle Records, and has also hosted his own weekly television series,Giovanni’s World of Music.

In 1998 Giovanni signed with Atlantic Records, making his label debut with Destiny early the following year. Giovanni’s latest release “Because I Love You” won the best New Age CD of the year in Spain for 2010. He is currently preparing for his next television special to be filmed in 2013 from Positano, Italy, with Flamenco guitarist Roni Benise.



Giovanni Marradi

~~Published on Aug 23, 2014~~

From the album ”Come Back To Me” (1995)


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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