Thoughts for today …. #56!!

~~November 26, 2014~~

I find this graphic very fitting today in light of the current state of affairs in a town in Missouri. Due to the events there, the sentiment and the protests have spread to other places in the nation. The racial divide, the abuse of power, the oppression …. any action is met by a reaction. 

Will this ever be a lesson learned?


What does that mean?

This quote is about the totality of humanity. While it was spoken specifically about the racial divide then present in the United States of America, I believe it also applies to all of us.

For anyone who has had a brother or known someone who had a brother, you know that life isn’t always peaceful or calm. Yet the familial bond means something to most, and as brothers (or sisters), we tend to treat each-other reasonably well. That is what the quote asks of us, to learn to live together as brothers, as one big family.

The quote ends with the alternate way the human drama will play out. If we cannot live together as a family, we will perish together as fools. When we have the option of surviving or perishing, and choose to perish, that’s not very bright. When the stakes are all of humanity, choosing to perish is something well beyond foolish, wouldn’t you say?

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We ALL are ONE!! 


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