The “Ferguson Case” …. so much more than just a “case”!!

~~November 28, 2014~~ 

The Truth About The Ferguson Case That Some People Really Can’t Accept

Adam Mordecai wrote the following post in Upworthy. I feel a need to share this and continue to give a voice to that African American (Black) community in this country. I feel a need to add my “white” voice to their concerns … that’s the least that I can do.

I’ve read post after post about the current (and previous – seems like it’s never changed) plight of the black young men in this country. How many have been killed? Most of them unarmed …. I think we will never know.



“Some things I have learned:

ProPublica recently did an in-depth analysis and found that black kids between ages 15-19 are 21 times more likely to be shot and killed by cops than white kids of the same age. That’s an insane statistic. That’s per capita, not total. If you are a black teenage boy, you have a 21x higher risk of being shot by police than a white teenage boy.

Also, in 2010, federal prosecutors took 162,000 cases to a grand jury. You know how many DIDN’T go to trial? Eleven.

Mike Brown’s family will never get a state criminal trial to get justice for their son. And the testimony that denied them that right technically doesn’t make any sense. Seriously, go read it.


Police have a hard job. What they do is something I couldn’t ever do. But you know what they rarely have? Accountability. In this case, the prosecutor, Robert McCulloch, always gets indictments — unless it’s a cop. He’s had five cop-involved killing cases and zero indictments. Again, five cases against police haven’t made it to trial at all. He could get an indictment if he wanted one.

The fact that this didn’t at least get a trial infuriates me. But my being upset isn’t that interesting. I’m white. People will take me seriously because I don’t have the “bias” of being black. But actual black people, who live with this every day, are constantly second-guessed because they are somehow “biased.” As though not wanting to get shot by police at a 21x higher rate is a bias. It’s a daily reality of being black in America.

Danez Smith experiences this every day. He is 21x more likely than me to be shot by a police officer. And so he wrote “Not an Elegy for Mike Brown.”

“As it appears in … “


~~Not an Elegy for Mike Brown~~

~~Published on Nov 17, 2014~~

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We ALL are ONE!! 


8 thoughts on “The “Ferguson Case” …. so much more than just a “case”!!

  1. I’ve been in such a funk – just like with Trayvon’s death – that it is a daily battle. I think of the parents that had dreams for their son and his future. It is not fair. It is not just. But that is the way it is when you are African American.

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    • I have been feeling like you Jackie … life goes on, we forget. How can this be? Seems like only bad things are happening or presented to the masses.

      I just saw a meme on a friends FB page that chilled my heart. Will use it soon … to show “the other side” How can there be another side?

      I just don’t get it. This world is going, or already is, mad!!

      I ask of me … what can be done? What can I do? I find it to be so sad!! 😦

      Tight hugs!!


      • Thank you, Horty, I really needed that.

        I have been out of Facebook more and more. How can these people be so heartless? They do not know anything about African Americans and they do not know – or refuse to know – the long dark history of racism and prejudice.

        My brother’s daughter (16 or 17) posted a picture of rioters in different articles ans her comments were:


        “Don’t get what you want so you pitch a fit!”

        This is the same niece that posts all these posters and scripture verses from the Bible.

        Sometimes I comment with #JesusIsWatching or #JIW and I doubt if she understands… idiocy is ignorant – and she, like her father and grandfather before her.

        What can I do? I have been sending articles out to 360 parents and professionals on issues of race that are meant to educate people. I just read a wonderful article:

        I went to Amazon and bought two copie of the author’s book: “Brown Girl Dreaming.” I plan to offer them in the Reminder for free. My husband will complain about the money but it is a small thing I can do.

        I will not argue with anyone so for those “Good Christian” people, I like to post the Jesus is Watching and What Would Jesus Do to remind them that if Jesus were here, that he would not boast of guns or of “Children” rioting, but to comfort those that have been wronged. Fight fire with water, cool the flames. I also ask myself what Martin Luther King would do… you and I both know the answer to that.

        I have a feeling, Horty, that if the end were to come and people are divided, saints from sinners, then there are many disappointed “Christians.”

        My depression is always near the surface. I battle that daily and when the blogger posts are strongly about hate and the news then I start deleting the e-mail notifications as a matter of survival. Like any news, the more times it is repeated, the bigger and more ugly it gets. It’s nothing against the bloggers but more about my fragile position.

        “Do what you can where you are.” I forgot who said that, but that is what I try to do. We must be careful how we talk to Caucasians that they are not galvanized against our position. I try to bring offerings of knowledge to share. The old you can lead a horse to water idiom.

        I also have African American friends that are connected to me but who rarely comment or “like” things. I find that my approach is appreciated by them. There are a few, one man in particular, who is a former inmate and now an activist. I have given him tips on writing and information. He also appreciates what I do and he passes on what I share with him to others.

        Do what you can, Horty, where ever you are. Just know that if I seem quiet and quit reading, it is nothing against you or the other bloggers. That is entirely my weakness. My mother used to tell people all the time, “You just look at her and she cries.” Well, I grew up and I still cry – and I think and cry.

        ❤ I appreciate the love that our blogger family showers between each other and I appreciate you. ❤

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      • Jackie, dearest Jackie … you will always find a friend in me and two huge ears to listen. Feel free to contact me when you need big ears!!!

        I feel like you …. I can’t believe where this country, this world is headed.

        As a member of a few minorities, I can feel and understand.

        I’m Hispanic, a woman and gay at that. I know how this feels. I can say that I’ve never gone through things as bad as this but my empathy takes me there. As Puerto Rican. I have African blood running through my veins … I can’t believe how this is happening and there seems to be nothing to stop it.

        It’s in all “segments” of our society and our world. I can truthfully tell you that I’m glad about how old I am.

        I’m not a fan of Christian people. I respect their beliefs but in my opinion many are just fanatics!!

        Take a look at this comment:
        “All MB had to do was obey and comply with Officer Wilson’s orders. He would have still been alive today and none of the stupid protesting would have been going on since August. I know God isn’t happy with the MB supporters and protestors. Strange weather events have been happening lately. Plus, there was that 6.1 earthquake that happened close to where I live back in August just 2 weeks after the first Ferguson riots. The protestors need to seek the Lord because they are really really lost in reality.”

        I hope this doesn’t worsen your depression …. but I find this heartless, ignorant and certainly fanaticism. What can one do?

        Like you say, only the little that one can where one is.

        I’m sending you a tight, Latin, black-tinged hug!! The best one there is!! ❤
        I really appreciate you too!!

        We feel this way because we wear our hearts on our sleeve!!! ❤ ❤ ….

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      • Horty, I actually smiled at that comment… they might be going to church but their message did not come from God or Jesus Christ. I stopped going to church after I left home because I did not like the racist teachings in Sunday School. I have a feeling when the end comes I will meet my blogger family for the first time. 🙂

        My husband is from Peru and he is a U.S. Citizen, his hair is straight as a stick and black as coal. His father, though, had kinky hair and it has never bothered me one bit. I’m Caucasian with roots from Europe but that does not mean I am pure anything but human.

        In Ancestry I had the DNA done a few years ago and they have been sending me possible matches since then. I got a comment from a man one day out of the blue, “I am NOT related to any Mexicans!” I immediately laughed at his ignorance. Many of us are mixed with something whether they know it or not. It is this ignorance that perpetuates much of this hate. My own father hated Blacks for whatever it meant in his mind and he hated the Irish because they were “drunkards” until he discovered that we are indeed from that area in Europe. Guess what, Horty, my father died in 2009 a drunk with Delirium tremens. Before he died he had to be drinking beer or booze all the time. Well, was that Karma that bit him in the butt? Hmm… I will never know.

        Really, though, that comment above blaming Michael Brown supporters for “strange weather” and “earthquakes” is about more than I can handle today. 😀

        I love you, Lady… ❤

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