The “Ferguson Case” …. it will never be “enough already”!!


~~November 29, 2014~~ 

Some may say “let it go”, “enough already”, “I’ve had enough”. Yet … I can’t let it go. There is something wrong here … this doesn’t seem “kosher” … this is plain “not right”.

If I let it go, this senseless loss of life would have been in vain.


According to the autopsy of Michael Brown, 18, and a shocking new reenactment video, the Ferguson teen was essentially executed by Officer Darren Wilson.

This video has begun making the rounds on social media just days after the announcement by the Missouri grand jury not to indict the killer cop in the shooting death of the unarmed teen.

Much of the entire nation knows that the city of Ferguson and entire nation is filled with racism, particularly concentrated in institutionalized police discrimination of so-called minorities. But now a reenactment of what went down between Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown seems to make that case in a very strong, visual manner.

“As it appears in … ”

In the above link you will find another YouTube video showing the first televised interview by the police in question. I will not dignify that interview by showing it here. 


The reason that I’m posting this is because I saw this graph/meme on the Facebook page of a “friend” … and the comments written blew my mind away. 




~Animated Reenactment Of Both Stories In The Mike Brown Shooting~

~Published on Nov 26, 2014~

Animated Reenactment Of Both Stories In The Mike Brown Shooting



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We ALL are ONE!! 


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