To start the day …. “A reprieve”!!

~~November 29, 2014~~ 

I need a moment to get away from the ugliness and the pettiness of life. Life is good but there are so many out there, in different positions of power and many “common folk” trying to bring it down and make it “bad” for all. 

Nature soothes me. Music soothes me. If only for a moment before the reality and ugliness return. 

We humans are creating the ugliness that has never been intended to be in life. 

It’s all on us.


~Let it unfold the way it is intended to~


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Thomas J. Bergersen

~~Published on Nov 20, 2014~~

Travel on beams of sound to the heart of the Universe with Master Composer Thomas Jacob Bergersen (born July 4, 1980), a Norwegian composer, multi-instrumentalist, and the co-founder of the production music company, Two Steps From Hell. He is best known for writing music for many high profile theatrical trailers.

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“I’m a big kid! I don’t like being told what to do and music is the only place I know where I can roam free and do what I want.” TJB

Official website:
“Two Steps From Hell.”


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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