PIVO 2 …. I would love one under my tree!!

~~December 17, 2014~~ 

The Nissan Pivo is a concept car created by Nissan

The Pivo was first introduced at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. The car is essentially a 360 degree rotating three-seater cabin on a chassis of 4 wheels, and hence eliminates the need for reversing and makes parking easier.

The Pivo is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The car’s futuristic design incorporates large doors for easy access to the cabin and large windscreens and windows for high visibility. As well as the fully rotational cabin, the Pivo features Nissan’s Around View Monitor system. This reduces blind spots (areas of the road which cannot be seen from the driver’s position) by displaying the outside surroundings on screens mounted on the inside of the car’s A-pillars, located on either side of the windshield.


~Pivo 2~

An updated version of the concept, designated Pivo 2 was unveiled in 2007. The wheels have been moved to rotating pods that allow the car to drive in any direction. Along with the rotating cabin, this allows the car to pull up next to a parking space, and instead of conventional parallel parking, the wheels and cab simply rotate 90°, and the car drives in sideways. The rotating cab also now has only one door (the front of the cab itself), allowing passengers to exit or enter from any direction desired.

“As it appears in … “



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~Future Car Nissan Pivo With Inbuilt Robot~

~~Uploaded on Jan 12, 2011~~

The Nissan Pivo Is For Sure A Future Car. Loaded with ultra modern technology, this car is full of sensors. More over you’ve got an electronic inbuilt co driver to assist and guide you everywhere you go.


We ALL are ONE!! 


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