To start the day …. “The ‘Other Christmas Letter’ From Children To Their Parents!!”

~~December 20, 2014~~ 

To my English speaking friends and readers, the ad is in Spanish (from Spain and their specific intonation). However, there are subtitles and you won’t miss the message. 

Hope you enjoy it. 


Watching TV around Christmas can be a minefield for children and parents alike, with all those toy commercials. But in this case, IKEA Spain came up with a campaign called #LaOtraNavidad (The other Christmas) in which they present ‘the other letter’ written by children to their parents, after asking the Three Kings for numerous gifts in their first letters.

All the kids in the video end up making the same petition to their parents: to spend more time playing together; which, needless to say, brought the adults to tears as they read their children’s wishes.

The producing agency assures the moving commercial is real and unscripted, what do you think?

“As it appears in … “



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~~IKEA The Other Letter~~

~~Published on Dec 13, 2014~~

“I found the message of this video from IKEA in Spain so touching and special that I translated and subtitled it. Hope you enjoy. Please share.”

Anna Johndrow


We ALL are ONE!! 


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