Google Doodle for today ….. “Tis the season”, 2014!!

~~December 23, 2014~~

One more day. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Let’s all get ready for the celebration and the gatherings!! 

Google’s first doodle for this Christmas

‘Tis the season

Enjoy Christmas and the holidays


‘Tis the season!: Google Doodle celebrates the first day of the Christmas holidays

Google is celebrating the first day of the festive holiday season with a new Doodle depicting children in a sleigh waving as they are pulled along by a reindeer.
The festive “’Tis the season!” doodle, which gets a new incarnation each year, is the search giant’s way of celebrating the start of the Christmas holiday season for its users across the globe.


On clicking on Tuesday’s doodle, users are directed to a search results page for ‘Tis the season!, which features a disambiguation Wikipedia entry for the phrase at the forefront.

Also seen is an album widget on the right side, featuring a Wikipedia description of the ‘Tis the season! album of Christmas songs by Olivia Newton-John and Vince Gill, as well as links for all 12 songs that open lyrics and YouTube video results on a dedicated page.


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~~’Tis the season! – Happy Holidays 2014~~

~~Published on Dec 22, 2014~~

There is a Google Doodle called ‘Tis the season! on 23rd December 2014. It is a worldwide Google Doodle and the first one of a Christmas holidays series.


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#WeAllAreOne #ItIsWhatItIs #DrRex #hrexachwordpress


We ALL are ONE!! 


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