The End Of The Bush Dynasty …. please!!

~~December 27, 2014~~ 

By Stephen Lendman

Could all of this be true?

“The Bush family has been characterized in various ways including the Bush dynasty, crime family or syndicate. George Bush is just the latest in a line of unsavory characters but clearly the bad or worst seed and, in the eyes of most honest observers, the least worthy of an unworthy lot. He was supposed to be the latest in the Bush family line chosen to lay another golden egg for the dynasty but turned out instead to be an ugly duckling who’s just been an embarrassment and much worse because of the course he chose and his rigid ideological obstinacy to change even in the face of failure.

The Bush family considers itself among the special chosen ones if based only on its royal heritage. The family is connected by blood to every European monarch on and off the throne including every member of the British House of Windsor.

That relationship is more than familial and extends to the president’s father having close business dealings with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip who themselves are connected to the notorious Carlyle Group that also employs GHW Bush as a “senior consultant” and master-rainmaker/fixer-arranger at a very high price for his services.”

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at Also visit his blog site at

“As it appears in …. for full read”



I do not take credit for the information included above. I find this to be very interesting. 

What I totally agree with is the meme at the top. 

We’ve had enough Bushes … time to move on.


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We ALL are ONE!!


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