Perpetual war …. fuel for terrorism!!


~~January 14, 2015~~ 

I found a video on my Facebook feed this morning. It’s a video made by this company: Brave New Films. 

Brave New Films is a new media company based in Culver City, California. The brainchild of filmmaker Robert Greenwald, BNF produces progressive feature-length documentaries and investigative videos “to educate, influence and empower viewers to take action around issues that matter.”



I think it’s very interesting and points out a very important issue: the state of perpetual war that the country has been in for innumerable years. I only wished that the main person addressed had been some other than President Obama but it so happens that he’s the current Commander in Chief so the “ball is in his court” now.

The message could be directed to any leader of a major power.

“Since 1980, we have militarily intervened at least 35 times in more than 27 countries. We keep bombing, we continue spending trillions of dollars, but we’re no safer as a result.”



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~How Perpetual War Fuels Terrorism~

~Published on Sep 18, 2014~

Because perpetual war fuels terrorism.

And yet, President Obama now has the same plan for Iraq and Syria.

We’ve tried arming “friendly” rebels before. We armed the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets. They later became Al Qaeda and the Taliban, who not only attacked us, but terrorized their own people. We ramped up strikes in Yemen in 2009. Since then, the country has seen MORE terrorist attacks, not fewer.

When we only respond with military force today, we create tomorrow’s enemy. The kid whose house was bombed by an American drone will grow up to hate America. Maybe one day he’ll fight against us.

Perpetual war does not make us safer.

Share this because President Obama needs to stop and think.

How does this end?


This are the responses on the Facebook post (caps and all):

BEING IN DENIAL IS TRULY BLIND …. So if America did not respond to the Japanese attack of WWll … that would have been the better recourse. So if America didn’t drop the atomic bomb on JAPAN to end the war would have been the better recourse. If Franklin Roosevelt were still alive to comment on current world standing what do you think he would say? How about the likes of Winston Churchill, what would his comments be. Europe almost got bombed back to the stone age by the Germans. The Japanese killed EVERYONE in the Pacific they came across. Do you think for ONE SECOND that using EXCESSIVE FORCE was not needed to WIN THE WAR on both fronts. ‘IF YOU DONT LEARN FROM HISTORY … HISTORY IS BOUND TO REPEAT ITSELF”.


Unlike many candy-asses don’t think war is REAL nor can it come to your door step. I DO. All I have to do is sit back and hear my MOM talk about the horrors of the Vietnam War. THATS WERE I’M FROM. I HAVE REMEBERED ALL MY MOM’S STORIES SINCE I WAS LITTLE. I don’t have read about it in a book or live in some sorta bubble SUCH AS YOU. Our family seen the atrocities first hand. Suicide bombings of GIs in Siagon … complete villages murdered by the Viet Cong. Dead bodies liter the streets during the TET OFFENSIVE of 1968.


And much more that I do not care to post.


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We ALL are ONE!! 



For the sake of the world and its inhabitants!

Dare I hope for a peaceful future for my grandchildren?


5 thoughts on “Perpetual war …. fuel for terrorism!!

  1. Can indeed be adressed to any past, current and I am afraid future leader of world leading countries. In fact a lot of smaller countries as well since they (read “we”) are allied and thus “bound to assist” Many American, English, French, Dutch etcetc have given their life in the war against terror and in the name of “freedom” yet there isn’t a country yet in the world whhere people are truly free (well…Denmark maybe, or Sweden)

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  2. One has to understand who is behind these wars to see why they are continually being fuelled.. It is said that both the first and second world wars were construed.. Again all I have to go upon is information given as I digest it..
    But I do believe if they wanted PEACE.. War is not the way to obtain it.. An Eye for an Eye only makes us blind..You need to watch the film Thrive.. All the way through.. it touches on War.. genetics.. Toxins.. sterilization of girls .in Brazil… Your eyes will be opened if not already..

    Your post is one of opening up our minds to question… And you have shown how war and genocide repeats..

    I hope you can spend a couple of hours watching… Its research has been thorough … Keep up your wonderful work..

    We have to all of us make choices.. and wake up to what is happening… Let us hope we wake up.. xxx Sue

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