To start the day …. “Amazing Grace”: Fitting for Sunday!!


~~January 18, 2015~~ 

“Without love and care we can not survive. 

Without love and action we miss the meaning of life.”

~Tina Turner~

Take little Anna Mae Bullock as an example of a marvelous creation of God who was badly hurt by a small rural local church when she was a young girl. As depicted in the feature film “What’s Love Got To Do With It”, Anna Mae was the only little girl in the church choir, consisting of older teens and adults in an African-American church.

Reared in the broken home of “party girls” with the exception of her grandmother who was truly a righteous woman of God, the only music Anna Mae understood in the home was bar singing — rhythm and blues and jazz. However, her church had not embraced such cultural forms of music, but clung to pure, traditional church music.

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~Amazing Grace~

Beyond ‘Love Within’ 2014

~Published on Apr 17, 2014~

A longer extract of the gospel recording by Tina that will be featured on the upcoming Beyond album!



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We ALL are ONE!!


7 thoughts on “To start the day …. “Amazing Grace”: Fitting for Sunday!!

  1. Had the supreme joy of seeing her in concert many years ago. She sang, and stayed on a stage in Irvine , Ca. during a rare, nasty thunderstorm. The lightening and thunder had no affect on her. She owned the world that night~

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