At the end of the day …. Nature is awesome!!


~~January 29, 2015~ 

Nature Reveals

Our physical world, respect and explore,
Where water meets land; a beautiful shore.
Mountains we conquer, look down in awe,
If you’re an artist, make sure you draw.

Nature exciting, adventurously new,
Much more to see, than a sky that is blue.
It offers so much, open your eyes,
Hope of today, with every sunrise.

Nature shall feed, body and soul,
Some call it home, others a hole.
Memories are nurtured, when nature reveals,
Sharing its pleasures, amazing it feels.




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~Nature Looks Elegant in Fast Motion~

~Published on Dec 7, 2012~

Slow motion is enjoyable … But fast motion is more elegant …. when it comes to viewing nature … Awe!! 


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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