To start the day …. More on the Keystone XL Pipeline!!


~~February 3, 2015~~ 


The Keystone XL pipeline is awaiting a final decision from the State Department, which is unlikely to come before 2014. If built, the pipeline would carry about 800,000 barrels of oil per day from Alberta to Gulf Coast refineries. Environmentalists worry about about the climate and environmental impacts the pipeline could have, including dramatically higher greenhouse gas emissions and a heightened risk of oil spills.

The Kochs are known for their heavy investment in the tea party and their support for congressional inaction on climate change.

In the past, Koch Industries officials have said the Keystone XL pipeline has “nothing to do with any of our businesses.“



It’s happened.

The anti-climate House and the Senate have passed legislation to force through the Keystone XL Pipeline — all as a display of loyalty to the dirty fossil fuel industry.

Many representatives went even further by announcing they believe that humans do not contribute to climate change. It’s time to end this Big Oil lovefest and embrace the science:

KXL would be catastrophic for the climate.



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~The Keystone XL Pipeline Puts Millions at Risk~

Demand Clean Power – NRDC

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

~Published on Jul 16, 2013~


“Denying the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline is a no-brainer “


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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