More on Keystone XL …. not one good thing yet!!


~February 6, 2015~~ 


~The Basics~

The Canadian company TransCanada hopes to begin building the northern section of an oil pipeline that would trek close to 2,000 miles from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas. If constructed, the pipeline, known as Keystone XL, will carry one of the world’s dirtiest fuels: tar sands oil. Along its route from Alberta to Texas, this pipeline could devastate ecosystems, pollute water sources and jeopardize public health.

Giant oil corporations invested in Canada’s tar sands are counting on the Keystone XL pipeline to make the expansion of oil extraction operations there profitable: The pipeline would double imports of dirty tar sands oil into the United States and transport it to refineries on the Gulf Coast and ports for international export.

Unfortunately, an area the size of Florida is already set for extraction. Before TransCanada can begin construction, however, the company needs a presidential permit from the Obama administration because the pipeline crosses an international border.


~An environmental crime in progress~

Dirty tar sands oil

Pollution from tar sands oil greatly eclipses that of conventional oil. During tar sands oil production alone, levels of carbon dioxide emissions are three to four times higher than those of conventional oil, due to more energy-intensive extraction and refining processes. The Keystone XL pipeline would carry 830,000 barrels of dirty tar sands oil into the United States daily, and result in climate-damaging emissions equal to adding more than 5.6 million new cars to U.S. roads.

Water waste and pollution

During the tar sands oil extraction process, vast amounts of heat, water and chemicals are needed to separate the tarry substance (known as bitumen) from sand, silt, and clay and to flow up the pipeline. The water used in the process comes from rivers and underground aquifers. It takes three barrels of water to extract each single barrel of oil. Ninety-five percent of the water used to extract the oil, which is about 2.4 million barrels per day, is so polluted that the water must be stored in large human-made pools, known as tailing ponds. As the heavy bitumen sinks to the bottom of these ponds, the toxic sludge, full of harmful substances like cyanide and ammonia, works its way into neighboring clean water supplies.


Forest Destruction

The tar sands oil are underneath the world’s largest intact ecosystem, the Boreal forests of Alberta. The forests not only serve as an important carbon sink, but its biodiversity and unspoiled bodies of water support large populations of many different species. They are a buffer against climate change as well as food and water shortages. However, in the process of digging up tar sands oil, the forests are destroyed. This valuable forest and its endangered caribou are both threatened by the pipeline.

Indigenous populations 

Northern Alberta, the region where tar sands oil is extracted, is home to many indigenous populations. Important parts of their cultural traditions and livelihood are coming under attack because of tar sands operations. Not only have indigenous communities been forced off of their land, but also those living downstream from tailing ponds have seen spikes in rates of rare cancers, renal failure, lupus, and hyperthyroidism. In the lakeside village of Fort Chipewyan, for example, 100 of the town’s 1,200 residents have died from cancer.

These problems will only get worse, unless tar sands production is halted. Investing in a new pipeline would increase the rate of production, while decreasing the quality of life for indigenous populations.

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~~Here’s the Truth About the Keystone Pipeline~~

Jesse Ventura Off The Grid

~~Published on Nov 18, 2014~~

Mainstream media should be ashamed of kowtowing to big oil propaganda, reporting inaccurate job creation numbers & failing to expose the real reason oil is making its way to the Gulf of Mexico.


We ALL are ONE!! 


11 thoughts on “More on Keystone XL …. not one good thing yet!!

  1. Dear Dr. Rex, The last bill that Congress voted on a few months ago did not include any funds set aside or a commitment to accept any liability if there is a leak that does incredible damage. We tax payers would be stuck with the bill. This is against the U.S. national interests and so for me, that is the end of the story. I am tired of big business writing our laws. While this is a major problem for U.S. consumers but what is worse are the TPP trade agreements that are in the process of being approved. I can find very little information on this subject, but what I have learned is not good for the American consumer, period! It is definitely not a great deal for creating American jobs. I am sick of having policies not in our best interests being rammed through congress by big business.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear friend Gronda … isn’t that what always happens to tax payers? We get stuck with the bills? I agree with you ….
      On another note, thanks for stopping by and the follow. Search my blog a bit … I think there may be something about the TTP. I’m also gathering info for a future post.

      Again, thanks so much!! Have a great weekend!!! Peace ….. hugs!


      • Thanks for doing a blog on this issue. The last time that there was a write up on this was over a year ago by the Washington Post. The NY Times posted a story on TPP trade agreements on 1/30/14. It is hard to explain this in simple terms, so again, thanks for taking on this task.

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  2. Great post! If you haven’t read it yet, check out Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. The Climate”. In my opinion, the book is a must-read for everyone. She does an excellent job of connecting the dots between capitalism and climate and clearly shows what an ecological and social disaster modern-day capitalism truly is.

    Liked by 1 person

    • TY!! I love her writing. The one I’ve read is: The Shock Doctrine. Great book. If you search my blog there are other post about Keystone.
      Thx for stopping by. Peace ….


  3. Horty, you did a great job with this one. Thank you. I love John Fugelsang (btw). The XL is already here and already causing destruction, how anyone can support this nightmare is beyond my understanding. But then I am me and they are them. Thank you again for putting this out there.

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