At the end of the day … “Daytime Dreamer”!!


~~February 20. 2015~~ 


After copping a Grammy for his third record Echoes of Love, Omar is back with a full-on sonic assault to make sure he does it again. Not exactly pop, he does turn it up a notch loading the new age deck with pop and jazz smarts, keeping it buoyant, upbeat and winkingly sassy.”

~Chris Spector,Midwest Record~

After celebrating his 2012 Grammy-winning Echoes of Love, Omar softens the mood to serenade us with the romantic melodies of Daytime Dreamer. Featuring six brand new tracks and five previously released selections, the familiar splashes of Omar’s signature world textures (oud, duduk, violin and guitar) weave back and forth in a sublime dance with his exquisite piano compositions.



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~~Daytime Dreamer~~

~~Published on Oct 18, 2013~~
Video edited by Andreea Petcu


We ALL are ONE!! 


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