To start the day …. “Domino Effect: Books”!!


~~February 22, 2015~~ 

Seattle Public Library topples world record domino book chain

Even in this day of e-everything and iGadgets, Seattle has a pretty vibrant public library scene. As a way to promote the library’s Summer Reading Program, the Seattle Public Library teamed up with a couple college students and created what they say is the world record for the largest domino book chain.

You can see all 2,131 books fall in this impressive video posted Monday, February 9, 2015.

Bravo to the librarians that had to put all those books back on their shelves!


SEATTLE, WA, USA — The Seattle Public Library kicked off its summer reading season by toppling 2,131 books that are part of an upcoming book sale; it took 27 volunteers and seven hours to set the new world record for the Longest Book Domino Chain, according to the World Record Academy:

The world record attempt was setup by 27 volunteers on the third floor of the Seattle Central Library with one portion of the books spelling “read.” At one point, a book had to fall from a shelf to the floor to continue the domino chain.

“We had to be packed up and out of the building by midnight,” Amy Twito, the Library’s youth program manager, said in a statement. “Everyone was so happy that we were able to break the record.”


It took seven hours to set the chain up in its entirety – however the volunteers had to go through the agony of five failed attempts when the chain was set off too early by accident.

The library brought in two college students, Luke Greenway and Laura D’Asaro, to design and execute the chain, along with 27 volunteers who set up the 2,131 books.

The books used were either donated or are out of date, and are now being sold by the Friends of Seattle Public Library to help raise money for library programs and services.



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~~The world’s longest domino chain~~

made of BOOKS

~~Published on Feb 15, 2015~~

Seattle Public Library topples world record domino book chain


We ALL are ONE!! 


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