To start the day …. “I survived, Florida survived”!!


~~February 22, 2015~~ 

The sunbeams are welcome now. They seem like pure electricity — like friendly and recuperating lightning. Are we led to think electricity abounds only in summer, when we see in the storm-clouds as it were, the veins and ore-beds of it?

I imagine it is equally abundant in winter, and more equable and better tempered. Who ever breasted a snowstorm without being excited and exhilarated, as if this meteor had come charged with latent auroræ of the North, as doubtless it has?

It is like being pelted with sparks from a battery.

~~John Burroughs~~

“Winter Sunshine”


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We ALL are ONE!! 


15 thoughts on “To start the day …. “I survived, Florida survived”!!

  1. Fortunately, I had my son, wife and I year old baby visiting Florida from Chicago where the weather was 16 degrees below zero. My grand daughter was bundled up to enjoy her new favorite word, “outside.” She even enjoyed Disney. This was our cold snap in Florida for the past week in which the temperature reached the mid 50’s. I had to turn on the heat which on 2/22 is now turned off. I love this sunshine. Thank you for the comforting poetry.

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      • I am grateful that you tackled this issue about the TPP trade agreements involving 40 countries. You did a great job! I do not like all the secrecy surrounding the information and discussions regarding this subject. I am not unilaterally against trade agreements as long as our workers are protected from losing jobs with at least a living wage and decent working conditions. I want to be certain that climate problems are constructively addressed by all participating countries. I WANT SOME REAL BENEFITS FOR THE U.S. taxpayer and consumer.

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      • PS. I had a senior moment when I wrote that there are 40 participating countries. The TPP trade agreements include the U.S. along with 11 Asian countries along the Pacific Rim, and cover about 40% of the world’s economy.


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