To start the day …. “Until We Could”!!


~~March 5, 2015~~

I could watch this video over and over again.

Some may will think that I’m totally biased. In some sense I may have to agree. However, how can anyone judge another in matters of the heart? Love is love … one falls in love with the essence of the “better half”. The vessel in which that essence is kept should be irrelevant. 

Souls fall in love with souls they recognize from before. 

Love is love. It comes in many shapes and forms. 

Who is anyone to judge?

How can this be anything but heartwarming?

I have used this video before. I used it before my marriage became legal in the state I live in. Now, as I watched is again …. the video takes on a new meaning “until I could” became my reality.

Tomorrow is my second month anniversary of legal wedded bliss.


Watch This Amazing Ode to Marriage Equality, by Inaugural Poet Richard Blanco


Until We Could” is a poem by Inaugural Poet Richard Blanco — and a beautiful film from Freedom To Marry.

It is a decade since the U.S. first state, Massachusetts, enshrined marriage equality in law, and since the founding of campaign group Freedom To Marry (FTM). It has been a fruitful, frustrating decade, a bizarre range of weather systems of advances and losses—but mainly now, finally, advances. 

To mark the 10 years, FTM commissioned Richard Blanco, the poet for Barack Obama’s second inauguration in 2013, to write a poem commemorating the decade. So powerful was the result, titled “Until We Could,” the organization then commissioned a video to bring Blanco’s words to evocative life.


~~Until We Could~~

Richard Blanco

~~Published on Sep 21, 2014~~

Until We Could, a gorgeous new video poem written by Richard Blanco, celebrates love and the freedom to marry for same-sex couples. The film is narrated by Golden Globe winning actress Robin Wright and actor Ben Foster.

For more info on the campaign to win marriage nationwide, visits

Find out more about Richard Blanco at

Directors: Yen Tan and David Lowery
Producers: Peter Spears and Andrew Logan
Executive Directors: Freedom to Marry and Thomas Patrick Lane



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Made in Cuba, assembled in Spain, imported to the USA

Richard Blanco’s mother, seven months pregnant, and the rest of the family arrived as exiles from Cuba to Madrid where he was born on February 15th, 1968. Forty-five days later, the family emigrated once more to New York City. Only a few weeks old, Blanco already belonged to three countries, a foreshadowing of the concerns of place and belonging that would shape his life and work. Eventually, the family settled in Miami where he was raised and educated. Growing up among close-knit Cuban exiles instilled in him a strong sense of community, dignity, and identity that he’d carry into his adult life as a writer.

“As it appears in …. full read”




I knew then, in that room where we found

for the first time our eyes and everything.

Even the din and smoke of the city around us

disappeared, leaving us alone as if we stood

the last two in the world left capable of love

as if two mirrors face-to-face with no end

to the light our eyes could bend into infinity.

I knew since I knew you … but we couldn’t.

I caught the sunlight pining through the shears

traveling millions of dark miles simply to graze

your skin as I did that first dawn I studied you

sleeping beside me: yes, I counted your eyelashes

read your dreams like butterflies flitting underneath

your eyelids ready to flutter into the room. Yes,

I praised you like a majestic creature my god forgot

to create till that morning of you suddenly tamed

in my arms, first for me to see, name you mine

Yes to the raise of your body breathing.

Yes, to all of you. Yes, I knew … but we still couldn’t. 

I taught you how to dance Salsa by looking
into my Caribbean eyes, you learned to speak
in my tongue, while teaching me how to catch
a snowflake in my palms and love the grey
clouds of your grey hometown. Our years began
collecting in glossy photos time-lining our lives
across shelves and walls glancing back at us …

Us embracing in some sunset, more captivated

by each other than the sky blushed plum and rose.

Us claiming some mountain that didn’t matter

as much as our climbing it, together. Us leaning

against columns of ruins as ancient as our love

was new, or leaning into our dreams at a table

flickering candlelight in our full-mooned eyes.

I knew me as much as us, and yet … we couldn’t. 

When the fiery kick lines and fires were set for us
by our founding mother-fathers at Stonewall,
we first spoke defiance. When we paraded glitter,
leather, and rainbows made human, our word
became pride down every city street, saying:
Just let us be. But that wasn’t enough. Parades

became rallies – bold words on signs and mouths

until a man claimed freedom as another word

for marriage and he said: Let us in. We said love

is love, proclaimed it into all eyes that would

listen at every door that would open until noes

and maybes turned into yeses, town by town.

city by city, state by state, understanding us

until the woman who dared enough say enough until

the gravel struck into law what we always knew

love it the right to say: I do and I do and I do.

and I do want is to see every tulip we’ve planted

come up spring after spring, a hundred more years

of dinners cooked over a shared glass of wine, and

a thousand more movies in bed. I do until our eyes

become voices speaking without speaking, until

like a cloud meshed into a cloud, there’s no more

you, me – our names are useless. I do want you to be

the last face I see – your breath my last breath

I do, I do and will and will for those who still can’t
vow it yet, but know love’s exact reason as much
as they know how a sail keeps the wind without
breaking, or how roots dig a way into the earth,
or how the stars open their eyes to the night, or
how a vine becomes one with the wall it loves, or
how, when I hold you, you are rain in my hands.

Until we could


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We ALL are ONE!! 


9 thoughts on “To start the day …. “Until We Could”!!

    • Thanks so very much!! From the heart …. we met in 1969 …. many moons ago. Life got in the way but we reconnected in 1996. Together soon …. married Jan. 6, 2015!!

      Yay for love. ❤ Yes, we are blessed!!


    • Thanks so very much. Our lives have come full circle, I like to say. We met in 1969 when we were in college. Life got in the way …. and reconnected in 1996. And, here we are! Hugs … ❤


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