Something to think about … “The Office of the POTUS”!!


~~March 6, 2015~~ 


“The office of the President, no matter who sits in the oval office, deserves our respect. If we so belittle the office through excessive partisanship we lessen the authority that the office deserves.

The President of the United States is our leader, our chief executive, the person who the rest of the world looks to as representing the United States.

How far do we take partisanship before it becomes demeaning to the office? Is our political system so warped that what is best for the country becomes less important than partisan gain? The phrase the loyal opposition, is important to consider, in that it implies that a person from the opposition party is still loyal to their oath and their nation while still opposing when it is appropriate what the opposition party or in this case the President of the United States has done.

Is anything fair game? Is it okay to lie about them? Is it okay to personally attack the wife of the President or his or her children, or even the dog?

What are the limitations?”

“As it appears in …. full read/credit”


My thoughts on this topic are very personal to me and I understand that all are entitled to their own. I don’t mean for this post to be a political one. 

I was always taught that we needed to “respect the office” of the President of the United States. 

Without bringing politics and different ideologies into this, can anyone really say that this office has been respected since 2008 as is had always been before?

I wonder …. 




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We ALL are ONE!! 


19 thoughts on “Something to think about … “The Office of the POTUS”!!

  1. “best for the country becomes less important than partisan gain” This is a mouthful! A very telling phrase, descriptive of what is going on. Our country is suffering. Will it ever recover from this onslaught of discrimination and hatred? It all saddens me, as I’m sure it does many.

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  2. I’m sorry, but here we disagree – Respect needs to earned. Obama and his Executive Orders don’t deserve it – and – He spends too much time concerned about what other countries think of him, while ignoring the needs of his own citizens.

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      • I do respect your opinion, Horty, but not to be a pest, I feel Obama doesn’t respect it, I feel he abuses it. So yes, we respectfully disagree.

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      • Never a pest, dear friend, never! We have different opinions still we can converse. And, to me, that’s important. That’s the way it should be w/o diminishing what we think about each other.

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      • He could come up with something worth voting for. He may have had less than some others, but his orders have made serious impacts similar to FDR’s


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