For my Mommy …. Hortensia!!


~~March 7, 2015~~

No human being ever forgets the person who brought them into this world. Never do we forget all the things that were done for us in all the stages that we went through to become what we are today. 

Even at my current age, I remember my Mother (Mamá) who has long passed away. But I’m here because of her. She carried me in her womb and gave birth to me. She nursed me, bathed me, cared for me as a mother does to her child. She protected and guided me. I can’t ever forget that and I will forever be grateful. 

Mami, I love you and miss you terribly. 


Can you learn me how to choose
How do I know what I need to use
There is so much on this wonderful earth
But how do I know what is worth

You gave me so much stuff
Don’t you think I had quite enough
I don’t need your presents anymore
But do you know what I would adore

Will you give me a sincere cuddle
Or do you think that is too much trouble
A pat on my head, a warm embrace
Ten kisses on my cheek just in case

Will you stay with me tonight
When the moon is shining bright
Can I lay my head to rest
In your arms and upon your chest

That would be the best present I ever get
A life without sorrow or regret
Because when you know all is right
I’ll give you a kiss and hold you tight



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We ALL are ONE!! 


9 thoughts on “For my Mommy …. Hortensia!!

  1. It is nice to look back and remember. My Mom was my best friend and I think of her daily and my Dad also of course. Those pictures are great to look at and remind us of how much they meant to us. They are always a part of us.

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