To Start the Day ….. “Pi Day Recap with Music”!!


~~March 15, 2015~~ 

Pi Day was dreamed up 27 years ago to celebrate 3.14 on 3/14, but this year the geek dial is being turned up to 15 — as in 3/14/15. And this’ll be the only year until 2115 that you can turn the dial up to the max, at 3/14/15, 9:26:53, an exact match for pi’s first 10 digits.

Pi? It’s all relative

What is it about pi that tickles our geek glands? There’s something mystical about the number, which is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Even the ancients puzzled over its value; the Bible famously set it at 3. Today, it’s been calculated out to more than 13 trillion digits with no end in sight.

As an abstract mathematical concept, pi is immutable. “Pi is what it is,” said Brian Koberlein, an astrophysicist at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

But pi is squishier as a real-world measurement. In fact, Koberlein says Einstein’s general theory of relativity dictates that pi can’t be derived precisely by actually measuring a circle. “In a curved universe, you can never really get pi, because nothing is going to be perfectly flat,” he told NBC News.

“As it appears in …. full read/full credit”





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Speaking of circles – remember pi? Pi has been represented by the Greek letter “π” and you may recall learning about it in geometry or trig class.

Mathematics review time

Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It is an irrational number—approximately 3.14159 and its decimal representation never ends. Additionally, pi never settles into a permanent repeating pattern.

Trippy, right?

So why the hell are we thinking about this crazy number right now?

Because folks, someone has taken this infinite, irrational number and created something beautiful with it.

A musician named Michael Blake has interpreted pi to 31 decimal places.

How does one make music out of math? Mr. Blake assigned a number to each musical note and created a composition by playing out the numerical digits of pi.

(A brief explanation of the numerical assignment is given at the start of the video below.)


~~What Pi sounds like~~

Michael Blake

~~Uploaded on Feb 12, 2011~

Musician interprets Pi to 31 decimal places.
“What Pi Sounds Like” Available now on iTunes:


We ALL are ONE!! 


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