Something to think about …. “Never Waste It”!!


~~March 17, 2015~~ 

How much clearer can it be? Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do. Other times it’s not even worth it. Save your efforts for those who really care and accept you for who you are. 



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We ALL are ONE!!


3 thoughts on “Something to think about …. “Never Waste It”!!

  1. When I choose to let someone into my world, I also chose to love them as is. If they say something off the mark, I chose to believe that there was nothing mean spirited behind their words as I would want them to give me the same benefit. Yes, this is a choice. I leave my judgmental nose outside of the relationship. These are peoples where I am safe to say just about anything that is in my heart and I extend the same courtesy to them. I am also safe to be a complete idiot and yes, I have had such occasions and again, so have others. No, you do not have to let anyone into your world that will not abide by these courtesies. Peace in one’s life without a lot of drama is to be treasured. Don’t voluntarily let anyone steal your peace.

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