Thoughts for today …. #128: “Really Miss It Too”!!


~~March 25, 2015~~ 

10 Things Only A Kid Could Get Away With


Being an adult is sometimes kinda crappy — the responsibility we have, the expectations and all that come with being a productive and reasonable person in the world. It’s great that there are these expectations — makes the world run, but sometimes when I am having a particularly difficult day, I think back to my carefree childhood. Seems so nice — no real worries and sheltered from the real issues going on.

As we grow, the expectations of our behavior grows with us, but there is a lot more leeway for kids than there is for adults. There are certainly some things that kids can get away with far easier than if they were grown like me and that’s pretty awesome, though I admit some of them (I won’t say which ones) I wish I could still do.

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We ALL are ONE!! 


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