Something to think about … “American Culture & Values”!!


~~March 30, 2015~~ 




U.S. Americans uphold the ideal that everyone “is created equal” and has the same rights. This includes women as well as men of all ethnic and cultural groups living in the U.S. There are even laws that protect this “right to equality” in its various forms.

The general lack of deference to people in authority is one example of equality. Titles, such as “sir” and “madam” are seldom used. Managers, directors, presidents and even university instructors are often addressed by their first or given name.



Achievement and Hard Work/Play

Direct and Assertive

Looking to the Future and to Change


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We ALL are ONE!! 


7 thoughts on “Something to think about … “American Culture & Values”!!

  1. I posted a short thought this morning about how discriminating states’s businesses will find out whether people are gay or not. Do they have to see all people have sex before doing business with them or do they issue licenses for how they have sex in order to do business? There was quite a discussion – and none of the ‘Christians’ took part. BUT, it should give them food for thought.

    My gay niece shared about losing one of her first jobs because she was gay. She has two great kids that were affected by that and that should never happen.

    I get too wound up and angry, then depression sets in. When I come back in my next life, I am coming back as a black gay person. 😦


  2. Horty, I’m getting so tired of all this business. It’s enough to wear down a senior citizen in her 70s. Indiana – Alabama – which state will it be tomorrow? Disgusting. We are witnessing the disintegration of our beautiful country; at least, that’s how I feel about the situation. You know what I am reminded of? A sign in a southern restaurant’s window: “We don’t serve coloreds, Jews or dogs.” I kid you not. Many, many years ago. Will we someday see these kinds of signs again? I think it has begun, only the targets (victims?) are different. The targets of the vicious ignorant lowest of the low, change with the shifting of the wind, it seems. I am heartened, however, to see the immediate uprising of the protestors and the quick action of well-known groups and organizations and large-scale businesses to take up the banners against the zealous oppressors. I do tend to get long-winded at times. 🙂

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