Something to think about …. “Who would be next?”


~~April 3, 2015~~ 

Up to this point, it has been services that one can do without or receive at any gay friendly facility. These are services that are not absolutely necessary for our well-being. These services are not immediately needed. There’s time to look at other places.

However, what if the bigotry, discrimination, lunacy reaches levels where your life would be dependent on the services required or needed?

Has anyone stopped to think about this? Has anyone considered this option?

it will be definitely different when it touches you or one of yours.

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What if life saving services were needed by elderly seniors, by handicapped people, by children with special needs, by other minorities?

The hate doesn’t end with gays …. it’s just the beginning!



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We ALL are ONE!! 


14 thoughts on “Something to think about …. “Who would be next?”

  1. That reminds me of a M*A*S*H episode about black blood in a white soldier… Every person – religious or not – should stand up for the universal rights of all.

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  2. I don’t know how a person’s political affiliation influences their feelings on sexual preference, but then again I know you despise republicans. I’ve know many democrats and independents that just can’t wrap their heads around the idea of being gay – or maybe they’re just homophobic, but my point is, I don’t think politics has anything to do with sex in the bedroom.

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    • I agree … But it’s strong to say I despise republicans! I despise their actions bc lately all they have done is so senseless, hateful & idiotic. I didn’t follow any of the actions – either GOP or Dem b4. Seems, to me, that in the last 7 years all they’ve done is tear the fabric of this country down. Please correct me & educate me.
      In agreement about sex in the bedroom & politics, or anything else for that matter. This part of human nature shouldn’t matter in anything. It’s like having brown or blues eyes. If one is basically a good person, does their part in society, is productive, has a basically healthy family, is low keyed about their sexuality (not bc of shame but bc of decorum) …. why should that matter? Why should anyone turn against me & try to take my rights, that all humans have, away from me?
      I dint wake up in the morning thinking I’m gay .. I wake up every morning being thankful & making plans for the day ….. comply w my responsibilities & do my best!
      Off the soapbox ….. GM!!


      • Don’t get me wrong Horty, I don’t ask a person’s sexuality, religion or political affiliation, because I feel it doesn’t make one bit of difference as to my relationship with the person. I detest labels of any kind. I’m not one to preach or consider myself an educator on much of anything and frankly politics bore the crap out of me [pardon my ‘french’]; so… it just seemed that you were harping on republicans as the cause of all evil.
        Of what I can see in the news, we have a president whose only concerns seem to be getting his face in front of the camera and appeasing foreign rulers. It seems so long since we had an entire government that actually cared about America and the American people.
        I was not trying to argue, Horty – simply debate. Have a great weekend.


      • No worries …. I didn’t misunderstand you. I agree with you about labels. People are people and that’s enough for me …. I strongly believe that’s the way it should be.
        I don’t watch news on TV anymore …. I get them here.

        Please, excuse me if you got the idea that I think republicans are the cause of all evil. No, I don’t think that … I think that the real GOP (and please feel free to correct me) has been hijacked by some whose ideas are so wrong & outlandish that the reason for the “side of the isle” has been distorted.
        The Dems are on a very similar position. They are ineffective.
        And the country is paying for all this lack or morality, caring, honesty …. etc.

        In total agreement: ” It seems so long since we had an entire government that actually cared about America and the American people.”

        I wasn’t trying to argue either. I don’t like to do that.
        Great weekend to you too!! My dear friend!

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    • I agree …. some people surely had these ideas on their minds already … Now, it’s reinforced to them that they are correct in their thinking. Like you say …. the intent.
      Just in this morning paper, in Longwood, near us, an evangelical group ordered a cake from a local baker. They wanted a derogatory sentence against gay written on it …. the baker declined.


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