From The Mouth Of “Babes” …. Oh, Jeb, you didn’t!!


~~April 18, 2015~~

I think I’m starting a new series. Poking fun at politicians has always been a national past time. At this time, the seriousness of our reality may preclude the “fun” part … this are serious times we are living in.

So many of the memes coming through my timeline are great. I’m sure that when candidacies are announced, the primaries and the final 2016 election cycle is done, graphics like these will be getting better and better.

Get ready for the new series:

“From The Mouth Of Babes”!! 



Past Failures, Wins In Governor Races Shaping Jeb Bush’s Approach To 2016

Jeb Bush called himself a “head-banging conservative” back in 1994 when he ran for governor of Florida on a promise to “club this government into submission.”

Four years later, the Republican returned as a compassionate voice for education reform and society’s have-nots. He won.

It’s a lesson that still shapes Bush’s approach to politics and was evident this past week when he took the latest step toward the 2016 presidential race. Known for his frequent admonishments that the GOP soften its rhetoric, build consensus and offer an “optimistic” vision, Bush dismisses the critiques of activists who say such warnings are proof that he is too moderate for today’s Republican Party.

“As it appears in …. full read/full credit”



Guess he lost any votes from women on welfare and gays and lesbians!

As far as I am concerned, he was never getting my vote anyway. 


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We ALL are ONE!! 


9 thoughts on “From The Mouth Of “Babes” …. Oh, Jeb, you didn’t!!

  1. You will have a lot of material. I have never seen such a group of comedians running for President but then so many have had hours of stand up on the state level.

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  2. This is so wrong on so many levels. The Republicans want all women to marry men, stay home and have babies so men can get their jobs. That is it in a nutshell. And it makes me sick to think that is where this country is headed.

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      • I have no clue. I have tried to educate one parent who is on public assistance and she just hates Obama. I explained that she will likely get less support for her family if the GOP gets elected but she doesn’t care, she still hates Obama. She makes no sense so it is a good thing she does not vote. I guess she believes the myths and brainwashing of the GOP followers.

        I have reached my limit of frustration so I try not to read as much politics as I used to. I keep my focus on my volunteer work and do what I can control. I cannot control others or make a difference in politics. I will continue to vote, though.

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      • I can understand how you feel totally … it’s very frustrating ….. Don’t know what to do, say …. I know what I feel in my gut and what common sense tells me. It’s not GOP at all!!

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