Google Doodle for today …. “Earth Day 2015 Quiz”!!

~~April 22, 2015~~ 

Take the Google Earth Day quiz to find out which animal are you


“You’re a woolly mammoth!
So unique, you’re technically extinct, but on the bright side scientists hope to be able to clone you some day!”


The Google Earth Day doodle is a first of its kind doodle that “presents one of the Internet’s favorite pastimes: a goofy quiz,” that at the end of it tells you which animal you are the closest to.

The Google Earth Day Quiz works on “any up-to-date browsers on your mobile or desktop browsers, including the Android and iOS Google Apps.”

Pangolin, honey badger, cuttlefish, mantis shrimp, komodo dragon, woolly mammoth, honey bee, red-capped manakin, coral, giant squid, sea otter and whooping crane are among the results that users would be presented depending on the options they choose.


The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 and was founded by US Senator Gaylord Nelson. The original Earth Day was attended by about 20 million Americans. The Earth Day movement went global in 1990 and is now celebrated in over 175 countries across the globe. April 22 was officially designated as the international Earth Day by the United Nations in 2009.

The day is marked to raise awareness and appreciation for our planet’s environment.

Google has been celebrating Earth Day through its popular doodles for the last 15 years.

“As it appears in …. full read/list of older Earth Day doodles”



~~Earth Day Quiz Google Dooodle~~


~~Published on Apr 21, 2015~~

Earth Day Quiz 2015 Google Dooodle

On April 22, 2015 Google celebrates Earth Day 2015 with a nice animated global Google Doodle.

~Published on Apr 21, 2015~



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We ALL are ONE!! 


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