To start the day …. “Mr. Put It Down”!!


~~April 23, 2015~~

New Music: Ricky Martin (ft. Pitbull) – “Mr. Put It Down”

This came out a bit unexpected.

(This is so new that I couldn’t find the actual video. Here you have an audio video)

There’s a new Ricky Martin English-language single playing on radio right now and it’s not the English version of “Adios“, it’s a brand new song featuring none other than rapper Pitbull and titled “Mr. Put It Down“. It world premiered on March 10 on New York City’s 103.5 KTU radio.

Meanwhile, just listed “Mr. Put It Down” for digital release on March 17.

Is there a new Ricky Martin album coming? It appears so! I mean, he just literally released his new album Spanish “A quien quiera escuchar“ in the market but there ain’t nobody stopping Ricky this year. He wants to be on every radio format.

Apparently, he’s going to release within the next few months a full-length English album, according to some industry rumors. And “Mr. Put It Down” may really be solid proof.

“As it appears in … full credit”

The raunchy, disco-flavored jam begins with a fairly standard verse from Mr. Worldwide (he’s brags about his way with the ladies), before Ricky joins in: “Who has a lifetime, baby? We’ve got the night right now. When you see what I’m planning, you’re gonna call me Mr. Put It Down.”



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~~Mr. Put It Down~~

Ricky Martin Teams Up With Pitbull For Raunchy Club-Banger “Mr. Put It Down”: Listen

~~Published on Mar 14, 2015~~


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Published on Apr 21, 2015

Zumba® choreography by Alix


We ALL are ONE!! 


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