At the end of the day …. “The Voca People”!!


~~May 2, 2015~~ 


The Voca People are an Israel-based ensemble performing vocal theater combining a cappella and beat box vocals to reproduce the sounds of an entire orchestra.

They have performed in Spain, New York, Hungary, Italy, France, England, Israel and many other places. They incorporate the public into their songs and change or add bits depending on which country they are in (e.g. If they were in Spain they would perform songs in Spanish and incorporate the Spanish public into their performance.)

The creators, Lior Kalfon and Shai Fishman envisioned a group of performers dressed completely in white with red lips. The Voca People claim to come from the Planet Voca (somewhere behind the sun) where all communication is based on music and vocal expressions. They float around in space in their ship, which is powered by nothing more than music, and arrived on Earth which has a great repertoire of music.

Their motto is:

“Life is music and music is life.”


In Italy they became famous through a clip on YouTube, which had over 15 million hits in less than one year, and a series of television appearances. Their first appearance in an Italian TV show was Ale e Franz on 28 September 2009. Later they also appeared on Domenica In and the Italian X Factor.

The Voca People sometimes mingle with crowds, singing, improvising and playing with passers-by. Their appearance and performances have been compared to Blue Man Group.

“As it appears in …. “



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~~The Voca People~~

~Uploaded on Mar 26, 2009~~

The Voca People is an international vocal theater performance combining vocal sounds and an acapella singing with the art of beat-box.

Performers: Eyal Cohen, Oded Goldstein, Liraz Rahmin, Adi Cesare, Adi Kozlovsky,, Naama Levi, Boaz Ben David, Inon Ben David
Video Photographer: Shlomi Albo, video editing: Peleg Netanel, Light design: Roy Milo


MACKLEMORE THRIFT SHOP Justin Timberlake Suit and tie a cappella mash up cover VOCA PEOPLE

~Published on Jun 11, 2013~

a cappella cover by VOCA PEOPLE for “Suit and Tie” by Justin Timberlake mash up with MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS “THRIFT SHOP” a cappella cover


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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