DWTS Semifinals …. “Rumer and Val: Viennese Waltz”!!


~~May 12, 2015~~ 

I have been following the current season of Dancing with the Stars. The semifinals are already upon us.

At this time, there are four couples remaining and all of them are above exceptional. Last night, Rumer & Val performed two dances.

They were extraordinary, lyrical and passionate.

The three other couples performed wonderfully too.



Rumer Willis impresses with Fifty Shades Of Grey-inspired dance

The final four couple’s did not disappoint during the Dancing With The Stars semi-final on Monday night. With the competition tighter than ever, it was clear that all couples were out to impress as they performed their two dances of the night.

Rumer Willis once again put on a dazzling display with her partner Val Chemerkovskiy as they kicked off the show with a passionate Viennese Waltz.

‘You were a perfect Anastasia. Your mother is completely right, America is falling in love with you, Rumer,’ said Julianne.


Bruno called the dance ‘steamy’ without losing the ‘lyrical quality’ that kept it ‘sensual but romantic.’

Carrie said Rumer was ‘connected’ to the story and the movement and she had been ‘a vision in white’ out on the floor.

After the dance Rumer got a big hug from her mother Demi Moore, who was on hand to cheer for her alongside friends and family.

Rumer and Val received a 10, 9, 9 and 10 for a total score of 38.

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~~DWTS Season 20 Week 9 Semifinals~~

Rumer Willis & Val – Viennese Waltz

~~Published on May 11, 2015~~

Dancing With The Stars 2015


We ALL are ONE!! 


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